What is Corporate Restructuring

Corporate restructurings are adaptation mechanisms based on the provisions of Corporate Law. There are some ways of restructuring a company, such as merger, incorporation or transformation of the corporate structure.



How can Corporate Restructuring help you?

The benefits of restructuring the corporate structure may be reflected, among other things, in a better distribution of dividends, another advantage that is usually verified concerns the fact of making clear the legal and even the economic role of each corporate agent.
It is known that the Law is fundamental to find the due legal basis for each restructuring. Therefore, each organization should be analyzed and will be able to perceive the benefits of this type of restructuring, in general, the profitability may be increased when this modification is applied.
This is also due to the fact that the company will have greater transparency and definition before the market and its potential customers.



What is the best time to carry out a Corporate Restructuring?

This type of corporate restructuring becomes necessary when the company's management observes that the old molds adopted are no longer compatible with the reality of the company in the segment in which it operates. Another circumstance in which this modification may take place is precisely to obtain greater competitiveness in the market, since the economy is based on the Law of Supply and Demand, it is essential that companies adapt so that they may compete on an equal footing with others in the industry.

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