What is Tax Credit Recovery

Tax Credit is the term used to indicate an amount generated by the company due to the timely compliance with its tax obligations.


Tax Credit Recovery is the right of the taxpayer to refund an overpaid tax, social contribution or fee.


Thus, there are currently several tax theses consolidated by the Supreme Court of Justice and by the Federal Supreme Court, recognizing the right to the refund of tax credits or even the authorization to not pay a certain tax due to its unconstitutionality.



How can Tax Credit Recovery help you?

Having the opportunity to recover credits is always important for a company's fiscal and financial health. A company that is concerned about being up to date with its tax obligations is entitled to redeem values in the form of credits. The contributions and taxes commonly applied to the Brazilian businessman, such as INSS, COFINS, PIS, IPI, CSLL, IR, among others, can have part of the values reverted to pay the Federal Revenue.


In this case, the right to recover credits consists of recovering the amounts of taxes paid that remain accumulated over the years. The recovery of these credits is a great opportunity to contribute directly to the revenue generated by a company when raised. Remember that the Recovery of Tax Credits can only be reversed in the payment of other taxes.



When is the best time to do a Tax Credit Recovery?

There is no ideal moment to apply for Tax Credit Recovery, and there is no certain date to seek this right. Ideally, it should be done when the company is stable and its tax obligations are up to date. In this way, the values generated with the withdrawal of these redeemed credits will add to the financial health of the company.


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