What is Succession Planning

Succession Planning ensures that your estate is regularised, think about the payments of all taxes and make the allocation to each member without any future legal disputes.



How can Succession Planning help you?

What happens when the founder dies, who gets what or even what interests are at stake?

Besides the pain of the loss, the family starts the whole bureaucratic process so that there can be the division of the patrimony and for this to occur the gathering of all documents and information begins. All this happens if you do not have Succession Planning done by specialised and experienced lawyers, which can deprive wealthy families of their standard of living because they cannot have access to their assets until all pending issues are resolved.


The one who loves his family, thinks about preserving relationships, avoiding legal complications, thinks about being remembered as the great founder and not as someone who let the family face years of a lawsuit. The Successory Planning has the purpose of, together with the entrepreneur, raising all the patrimony, verify all the regularity of the property, ascertain the value of each good, preserve the patrimony among the heirs and prepare the financial resource to face eventual expenses.



What is the best time to do your Succession Planning?

It is possible to decide when to do the Succession Planning, there is not a certain period to execute it, the ideal is that it is done in a moment of stability and without judicial restrictions, so it is possible to allocate financial resources in a moment in which there is availability and without having surprises. Planning ends up making you save on taxes, notary's fees and even on lawyers' fees, which is much cheaper than an inventory.


Succession Planning can save your family from going through long processes, ensuring that it is safe from surprises. Trevisan, Carvalho & Trevisan has a vast experience in Estate Planning, having specialized lawyers who will provide personalized services, understanding how each scenario works and providing the best service possible. Get in touch.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check now the most frequently asked questions about our solution.

Can my accountant advise me in the preparation of Succession Planning?

The accountant has knowledge of how to open a company and the tax implications of the daily life of individuals and companies. But they are not able to deal with legal issues involving succession, such as the rights of spouses and heirs. Nor is it prepared to assist the founder in drafting wills and legal documents associated with succession. Thus, to avoid later legal challenges, it is important to seek a specialised lawyer.

Can Estate Planning generate savings in the administration of assets?

Yes, an accessory advantage of Succession Planning is precisely the possibility of saving money in the management of real estate assets, such as, for instance, with rents or the purchase and sale of real estate. Normally, what is spent on planning is recovered in a few years by saving future tax payments.

What precautions should I take when hiring this type of service?

The founder should look for specialised law firms, as this work involves lawyers from various areas to be done well: corporate, family, real estate, tax. The professional must have experience and convey security and in no way promise adventures! Remember the important thing is to avoid arguments between the heirs and any ill-founded decision may be the reason to lose everything that was thought prepared.

How much does Succession Planning cost?

Much less than the inventory! By planning it is possible to save taxes, notary fees and even lawyers' fees. In addition, it is possible to define the time for spending higher amounts, such as ITCMD (tax on inheritance).


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