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In 2011 we started our work with the objective of offering our clients legal advisory services in a differentiated manner. The experience in corporate matters in various segments, the sensitivity towards the challenges faced by Brazilian businessmen and foreign investors, the permanent interest in knowing in depth each business and operation of the client and, above all, the opportunity to have developed several works together, enables TCT partners together to present more complete solutions to their clients.


TCT is therefore the result of a team of partners who identify with the same ideals and values, who believe in experience, in the search for new knowledge and in the ability to share, always with the aim of bringing its clients a set of solutions to their plans and challenges, quickly and effectively.











Our mission statement

Delight the customer with excellent customer service, with creative solutions,

timely, effective and based on state-of-the-art technology.

Values that guide us

Pillars in our culture that govern the Trevisan, Carvalho & Trevisan law firm.


Act within the parameters of professional and personal ethics.


To ensure the identity of the client-lawyer and the constancy of this relationship.

Technical expertise

Combination of study, dedication, constant improvement, experience, the best technological resources and the work carried out by senior professionals.


To be a reference in the legal field in Brazil, recognised by our peers, partners and clients as an example of excellence, knowledge and creativity.


TCT understands that the client is looking for quick, clear and effective solutions. Therefore, all work is managed with a focus on offering the client the certainty that our team will work in a spirit of responsibility and commitment and will offer the client the best solution options so that the best decision can be made in the best time and context.

Commitment we value

Solving our customers' problems!


Personalised service, with a close, direct relationship between partners and the client, thus guaranteeing effective results, quality service and the application of the knowledge and experience of highly qualified professionals to all cases.


Acting with strategy, always thinking of obtaining savings for the client and practical and fast results, since the office knows the slowness and uncertainty of Brazilian justice.


Bilingual professionals, with masters degrees abroad, experience working in the legal department of multinationals, banks and graduates of large law firms in Brazil.


We value punctuality with our customers and with the commitments we have made with each one, valuing a personal and punctual service, understanding each problem and seeking the best solution.

Complete Legal Advisory Services

The Trevisan Carvalho & Trevisan Law Firm has specialized professionals with years of experience in the areas of law.

Flavia Trevisan

Specialist in Corporate Law

Giuliano Carvalho

Specialist in Civil Law

Priscilla Trevisan

Specialist in Labour Law

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