What is Tax Law?

Tax Law is a branch of Public Law that disciplines the relationship between the tax authorities and the taxpayer, which results in the imposition, collection and monitoring of taxes, fees and contributions. Many are the protections guaranteed to taxpayers by the Federal Constitution against the State's power of collection, which are sometimes neglected by the legislator or even by the tax agent that fails to observe the proper application of the laws in specific cases.


Thus, the work of the tax lawyer involves (a) advising the company on the correct application of tax legislation, (b) the search for legal alternatives to save taxes, (c) the defence of the taxpayer against acts of the tax collecting entity that violate their rights, (d) the defence of the taxpayer in collection actions, either to prove that a collection is undue or to reduce the amount charged by the tax authorities, and, (e) the recovery of amounts unduly paid to the public body.


Furthermore, almost all situations in private and business life involve taxable events and the partnership with professionals in the area can be very beneficial when it comes to the possibility of starting a business, changing its management structure or taxation regime, savings and even refund of amounts that the tax authorities may have benefited unduly. That is why our firm values the combination of the most diverse areas, in order to provide greater quality in the work it provides to its clients.



What is the essential situation for your company to have Tax Advice?

The Brazilian tax system is quite vast and tortuous because the legislative houses, in all spheres (Federal, State, District and Municipal), are prolific publishers of legal diplomas that have the power to change the tax parameters of certain products or situations. It is worth saying that, today, the country has almost 100 taxes instituted, regularly in force and effectively charged, divided between taxes, improvement contributions, contributions for intervention in the economic domain and fees of all kinds.


This clearly denotes the State's greed for tax collection, which always seeks to tax products, situations and businesses, whether in production, trade, legal business and even in hereditary succession. That is why a tax lawyer can always help in the evaluation of risks, defend against the collection of undue taxes or even avoid political sanctions eventually imposed in an irregular manner by the State.



How can a tax lawyer help you?

The tax lawyer is a professional who should always be in contact with people from other areas, such as a corporate lawyer and a good accountant, in order to enable businesspeople to optimise their operations in the most correct and economic manner possible, always supported by the legislation in force.


This is of utmost importance to maintain the smoothness in the operation of the company, in order to avoid unnecessary litigation with the Tax Authorities or even the imposition of heavy fines and restrictions that may render the legal business unfeasible or remove the patrimonial protection of the partners, making them personally liable, dilapidating their assets or even being criminally liable for the misuse of the business company.


In addition to consultation and defence as to the incidence of taxes, the tax lawyer, together with the corporate lawyer, can assist you in the planning and viability of a new business or even the restructuring of an existing one. Contact us.

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Do I have any other benefits from having the assistance of a tax lawyer?

The companies that contract the accompaniment of the tributary area count on a constant monitoring of their fiscal situation. This way, they are never caught off-guard when they need a Debt Clearance Certificate, nor by collection summons. Any point is dealt with before it has negative consequences for the company.

In addition, the tax department may conduct periodic audits to check the company's documentation, indicating corrective measures and ascertaining any hidden liabilities. Often, in these cases, it is also possible to adopt measures to reduce the impact of the problem and/or liability before it arises.

What happens if I have a tax debt?

The most common is that the tax authorities simply initiate the collection procedure. It happens, however, that the Tax Authorities have used other means to coerce the company and the entrepreneurs to pay, such as protests and accusations for criminal purposes (criminal proceedings). The Tax Authorities may also adopt a preventive measure of "arrolamento de bens" (asset foreclosure) making unavailable assets of the people being collected to guarantee the payment of the debt. Therefore, the advice of a lawyer when a problem arises should be hired from the administrative defence so that a strategy is outlined to deal with all these potential risks.

I already have a very competent accountant who gives me all the support in the fiscal area.

Accountants are prepared to comply with ordinary tax obligations, file tax returns and are dedicated to being up-to-date on tax matters in order to provide a good service to their clients. But even accountants who are trained as lawyers do not work exclusively in the tax area and are not exclusively connected to changes in administrative and judicial jurisprudence in order to provide more assertive guidance to their clients. The tax lawyer is a specialist who dedicates himself exclusively to the study of tax legal issues.

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