What is Corporate Law

This is the area of law that deals with the relationships between partners, shareholders and the company and how the company is organised, determining the best structure from a legal point of view to meet the objectives that the entrepreneurs set themselves with that business.


Experience in corporate issues in various segments, sensitivity to the challenges faced by Brazilian businessmen and foreign investors, whether in closing contracts, business partnerships or buying and selling companies, is what sets the Trevisan, Carvalho & Trevisan law firm apart in the work of professionals in the area of corporate law.


We assist our clients from the planning and incorporation of companies, corporate organization, governance, preparation of all corporate documents, succession planning and advice on resolving conflicts between partners, as well as analysis of national and international commercial contracts.



In what situations should your company hire a Corporate Lawyer?

The corporate lawyer should be consulted from the moment the entrepreneur is thinking of starting a company to advise him or her on the best structure, taxation, legal requirements, deal with the relationship of the partners and prepare the contracts that will protect the company.
If you are thinking of buying an existing business or selling your company, it is also good to do this with the help of a corporate lawyer. In addition to helping you negotiate the contracts, he will advise you on the risks involved in the transaction and suggest alternatives to mitigate them. More than that, he will give you an insight into the legal aspects of business and responsibilities that the entrepreneur must pay attention to, especially when taking over a third party's business or when leaving your company in the hands of a third party!


On a daily basis, the corporate lawyer elaborates all the contracts that the company needs in order to relate with clients, suppliers, service providers, to rent real estate, to build, etc. with the objective of always keeping the company protected against defaults.
Furthermore, Corporate Law also works allied, mainly, to Tax Law, carrying out plans that provide, within the legal principles, tax savings, or achieve other objectives desired by the businessman, such as: better allocation of human resources within the company, patrimonial protection, efficiency of assets, balance sheet with more attractive numbers for participation in bids, all these aspects being analyzed according to the type of business.


Finally, another fundamental work of the corporate area is the performance in Succession Planning, that is, preparing the transference of the business/company from the founder to his successors and of his patrimony to his heirs. Preparing this moment is fundamental in modern life, avoiding judicial quarrels, conflicts of partners, erosion in the administration of the company and saving taxes!




What benefits will you or your company gain by hiring a Corporate Lawyer

The main advantage is to establish clear and shared rules between partners, heirs and successors, besides having a company legally in order, thinking about how it will develop before starting the business or after an acquisition. A corporate lawyer is able to better understand your company and its partners, drawing up personalised documents and avoiding many problems. Get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The accountant offers all the services provided by the corporate lawyer, why hire a specialist?

The accountant, despite having the knowledge of how to open a company or to assist in the purchase of a company and the implications arising from these activities, is not the person qualified for these services or legally authorized to provide them.
According to the Statute of the Practice of Law, some activities are exclusive to lawyers, among them, the opening of companies, and it is also a formal requirement that a lawyer sign the articles of incorporation.

This caution was adopted by the legislator precisely because of the importance of the drafting of the articles of association, its role as the "law" of the partners and the impact it will have in the event of conflicts.
And only a lawyer is capable of drafting contracts and analysing the risks associated with the potential liabilities of the acquired company.

What is the difference between corporate and business law?

Business Law is the denomination of Commercial Law and, therefore, it is the branch of law that deals with private relations involving the company and the entrepreneur, including corporate law, securities, competition law, intellectual property law and commercial contracts.
Corporate law is the branch of law that deals with the study of companies and issues involving partners or shareholders.

How do the corporate and tax areas work together?

It is very common that the corporate and tax areas work together, since the opening of companies, corporate reorganisation, corporate and succession planning involve both the planning of the corporate structure and its tax impacts.

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